Volumes are virtual disks based on SSD-only, high availability storage devices to serve as your instances system and storage disks. Beside your instances primary Volume you can add multiple additional Volumes to provide additional data storage for Instances.

Volumes function as generic block devices, so you can treat attached volumes like locally connected storage drives. This lets you partition, format, and manage volumes with familiar tools and techniques.

You can move the Volumes between instances and resize them at any time.


You can take snapshots of Volumes. Volume snapshots save all the contents from the volume, there are 1:1 block storage level copies of a Volume at the moment of creation.

Snapshots can be used to revert an Instance back to an earlier state or to create a new instance based on the snapshot.

Plans and Pricing

For pricing details please consult our pricing page.

Regional Availability

Volumes are available in all regions. They are region-specific resources and can only be assigned to Instances within the same region.


  • To increase an attached volume you have to power-off / shutdown your instance.

  • Volumes cannot be assigned to more than one instance at a time.

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