Balancing Pools

Manage the Balancing Pools

A load balancer can have one or more balancing pools. The balancing and health monitor properties are defined in the balancing pools. To see a list of balancing pools of a load balancer, click on its name.

To edit the balancing settings (such as the balancing algorithm and session persistence) or health monitor parameters, click the properties icon in the right corner.

You can monitor its performance and health on the Status, see its parameters on the Properties, and manage its members on the Members tab.


Each balancing pool contains one or more members (instances). The traffic is redirected to these using the configured balancing algorithm. To view the members to a balancing pool, click its name. You have the possibility to add, disable and remove members at runtime.

Health Monitor

A health monitor is a scheduled HTTP, TCP, UDP Connect or ICMP request that you can configure to run on a repeating basis to ensure that a service is healthy. You can manually set the health monitor parameters in the Balancers Detail view.

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