Object Storage

How Object Storage pricing works

The price for Object Storage consists of a standard package of 250 GB with a fixed price. Any additional storage beyond this is charged per GB and hour.

Starting at CHF 0.0068/hr or CHF 5/mo

Standard Package


Hourly price°

Monthly price°¹

250 GB

CHF 0.0068


Additional Storage


Hourly price°

Monthly price°¹

1 GB

CHF 0.00002

CHF 0.02


20 TB Outbound Traffic. Per organization-account 20 TB of outbound traffic per month is included. Inbound and internal traffic is always free.

Basic Support according to the best-effort principle.

° Prices are in CHF (Swiss franc) and don't include VAT. 1 CHF is usually equal to 1 USD. ¹ Monthly price estimates are based on 730 hours of usage.

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