Private Networks

A Private Network (also known as VPC) is a virtual version of a physical network (Layer 2) implemented inside of our production network using VXLAN encapsulation. Private Networks provide the following:

  • Internal connectivity for your Compute Instances, including Kubernetes Clusters.

  • Complete isolation of network traffic from other Private Networks.

  • Integrated DHCP, IP, and DNS management enable easy network configuration.

Default Networks

Each region comes with a Private Network by default. The default network is an auto-created Private Network with the following addressing scheme:

  • Region BIT1:


  1. Start by clicking the Wizard button in the Control Panel. Click Create Private Network.

  2. Name your Private Network and compose a description.

  3. Under CIDR, specify the IP address allocation in CIDR notation for your Private Network (for example,

  4. Under Gateway IP, specify the IP address that serves as an entrance to other networks, such as the internet (for example,

  5. Under Allocation Pool Start, specify the IP address that will serve as the start of the DHCP allocation pool. (for example,

  6. Under Allocation Pool End, specify the IP address that will serve as the end of the DHCP allocation pool. (for example,

  7. Under Domain Name Servers, specify the IP addresses that will serve as the DNS for your Private Network. (for example,,

  8. Under Region, choose a data center Region where your Private Network should be created and click on Save. Creating a new Private Network takes a few minutes.


Private Networks are free of charge.

Regional Availability

Private Networks are available in all regions. They are region-specific resources and can only be assigned within the same region.


Only one subnet per Private Network is supported.

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