Private Networks (VPC)
A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network is a virtual version of a physical network (Layer 2), implemented inside of our production network using VXLAN encapsulation. A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network provides the following:
  • Provides internal connectivity for your (VM) instances, including Kubernetes clusters.
  • The Traffic is fully isolated from other customers / networks.
  • EachVirtual Private Cloud (VPC) network consists of one useful IP range partitions called subnets.
  • The integrated DHCP, IP, and DNS management provides for enhanced configuration of the network.

Default Networks

In every region we provide a default network. The default network is an auto created Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network with the following Addressing scheme:
  • Region BIT1:

Plans and Pricing

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks are free.

Regional Availability

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network are available in all regions. They are region-specific resources and can only be assigned within the same region.


  • Only one subnet per Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network is supported.
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