Use of Keypairs (SSH keys) allows you to secure SSH access to virtual machines. You can generate a key pair on a client from which you will connect to VMs via SSH. The private key will be stored on the client, the public key will need to be uploaded to CloudBit and specified during instance creation. It will be injected into the VM by cloud-init and used for OpenSSH authentication.

Adding Keypairs to an existing instance

For security reasons, you can’t add or modify the Keypairs (SSH keys) on your instance using the control panel after you create it, but you have several options to add and modify them via the command line. If you currently have SSH access to the instance, you can upload keys:
  • From your local computer using ssh-copy-id, which is included in many Linux distributions OpenSSH packages.
  • From your local computer by piping the contents of the public key into the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. This is a good choice if you don’t have ssh-copy-id.
  • By SSHing to your Droplet and adding the public key manually, which is necessary if you do not have password-based SSH access.

Regional Availability

Keypairs are available in all regions.


  • Keypairs are only supported for Linux / Unix based instances.
Last modified 7mo ago